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Missing The Boat

jpg via Biblical Christianity blog
Biblical Christianity blog has a few comic panels on the extinction of dinosaurs, the top one is my favorite, but see Far Side's and Bizarro's takes. Blogger Dan Phillips takes his faith seriously but not so seriously as to prevent him from see humor in its applications in the world around him. He's got some general interest pop culture stuff going on and some random liberal-bashing politics and he can get a little overwrought, for example a post on "Soul Surfer", the movie about the surfer who lost an arm to shark and is sustained by her faith, is stuck into a jeremiad of "why doesn't Hollywood represent good people of faith" -- similar points made on Know Beliefs here and here -- but is compelled to ascribe the worst motives:
"... part of it is simply that Hollywood blends well with the world-system, and the world hates the real Jesus and His people, period.
More charitably, I've simply wondered whether none of the big wigs and creative minds knows any actual practicing, card-carrying Christians."
And despite that charity it is, of course, absurd. How could 80(ish)% of America not be a majority of the entertainment industry too?

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