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Having The Many Pay To Underwrite the Faith Of A Few

When the history of this time is written, they'll point to issues like this as an example of how our social core was eaten from inside by our hypocrisy of believing government should stay out of the realm of religion, and then having We The People give it a special status and pay for it.
jpg via LATimes
The Supreme Court's conservative majority opened the door for new state support for religious schools, ruling that special tax credits that pay for children to go to church schools cannot be challenged on constitutional grounds.
The 5-4 decision Monday is a major win for those who support the "school choice" movement and aid to parochial schools, and a potentially far-reaching loss for defenders of strict separation of church and state.
By claiming that which you would otherwise pay in taxes, you don't have to pay because you funded religion, Religionists have set themselves up as a special class.

SOURCE: by David Savage in the LATimes

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