"Of all the questions you might want to ask / about angels, the only one you ever hear / is how many can dance on the head of a pin." -- Billy Collins, bio {Others' quotes}

About This Blog and Its Creator

Bring it on already, World War III that is. It's coming. And this blog is dedicated to documenting the reasons why.

This is a record of us, in this stage of our 15,000-year-old community development as an even older species. And how -- under the guise of a search for meaning, love and compassion -- we are unable to stand above our primordial nature. We take Eden's apple and use it to stone our kin to death.

This document is meant to convey, to whatever ant/gastropod mutant culture develops 50 million years from now who sifts through the wasteland of our self-destruction, that we had no excuse and we could see it coming. We ripped ourselves to pieces despite creating all the means to keep us together.

So let humans be the object lesson. Don't let this happen to you.

"...who laid the cornerstone." (Job 38:6)
With two decades of formal religious study in conservative Christian doctrine, and a couple more decades of a more casual but broader and deeper investigation, I am an affirmed rationalist who is grateful that faith anchors some people against their sea of troubles and with knowledge that it causes some to impinge their private beliefs into public places in ways that are insensitive and against the word and spirit of the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, I will venture to distinguish between religious values (faith-based policy making) and conservative values (less intrusive government).

For the time being, this is published pseudonymously. Contact me at Uriel_Mastema७Yahoo.com but I probably won't respond. This site isn't intended as a dialogue.