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Smitten By God

No, really, they say he's a loving God. Really. They're not kidding.
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Most Americans don't blame God for natural disasters according to a poll taken since the disaster in Japan.
The one exception to this pattern is found among white evangelical Protestants. 
Nearly 6-in-10 (59%) white evangelicals also believe that natural disasters are a sign from God. Only about one-third of Catholics (31%) and white mainline Protestants (34%) believe natural disasters are a sign from God.
A majority (53%) of white evangelicals believe that God punishes nations for the sins of its citizens--a view held by just 1-in-5 white mainline Protestants and Catholics.
67% of Evangelicals and 52% of Republicans see catastrophic events as a sign of the Biblical "End of Days."
SOURCE: PublicReligion.org More at Religion News Service

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